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Arvinda Blenders are a recognized name for representing outstanding quality U shaped ribbon blenders and W shaped ribbon blenders. Blenders, which are manufactured by our company, are configured to provide best mixing efficiency during the blending of small amount materials to large amount materials.

To meet the accurate demand of varied industries, we introduce an inclusive range of ribbon blenders, ranging from 50 kg volume capacity to 2500 kg volume capacities which are highly applicable for chemical industry, plastic industry, pigments industry, fertilizer industry, pharmaceutical industry and all other related industries which essential blending or mixing.

Our Company supplies highly developed expertise solutions for industrial progression business. Arvinda Blenders Ahmedabad has been manufacturing and exporting Double Shaft Ribbon Blenders, Horizontal Blender Machine for a wide variety of mixing applications i.e., cosmetic powders, coffee, Dietary supplements.

We manufacture large, specialized High Capacity Ribbon Blenders that are used for mixing materials in different applications. We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Ribbon Blenders that are frequently used for Drying, Pigments cake mixes, instant drink blends. These blenders are large trough-shaped device with rounded metal strips twisted like ribbons.

Our broad range of Large Scale Ribbon Blender is made of stainless steel 304, in compliance with all cGMP / cGEP standards and versatile to function as blender, paste mixer, vacuum dryer. These are based on a proven campaigner structure that provides a triple mixing action ensuring fast, efficient blending.

We also manufacture Ribbon Mixer for Dry Powder, Ribbon Blender for Liquid Coating And Drying, Paddle Blender for Dry Powder Blending, Nauta Mixer, Vertical Cone Screw Blender/Dryers and Pharmaceutical Ribbon Blender in many cities, states of India and in foreign countries like Africa, Dubai, Europe and New Zealand.

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Ribbon Blender for Chemicals

Ribbon Blender for Spices

Ribbon Blender for Tea

Ribbon Blender for Coffee

Ribbon Blender for Cosmetic Powders

Ribbon Blender for Drying

Ribbon Blender for Pesticides

Ribbon Blender for Herbicides

Ribbon Blender for Pet Food

Ribbon Blender for Animal Feed

Ribbon Blender for Dietary Supplement

Ribbon Blender for Fire Retardant

Ribbon Blender for Pigments Cake Mixes

Ribbon Blender for Bird Seeds

Ribbon Blender for Instant Drink Blends

Our Product

Domestic Market

Sr City  Population Ribbon Blender Consumption Estimated  State
1 Ahmedabad 3,959,342 565 Gujarat
2 Mysore  3,2,82,586 149 Karnataka
3 Coimbatore  1,016,438 145 Tamil Nadu
4 Bangalore  5,438,560 777 Karnataka
5 Thiruvananthapuram  830,493 118 Kerala
6 Warangal  595,267 85 Andhra Pradesh
7 Chennai  4,616,396 659 Tamil Nadu
8 Hyderabad 4,068,161 581 Andhra Pradesh
9 Pune 3,446,303 492 Maharashtra
10 Guwahati  1,022,660 146 Assam

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