Paddle Blender for Dry Powder Blending

Paddle Blender Machine in India

We are actively engaged to manufacture the best form of Paddle Blender Machines in India. These Paddle Mixer Blender is exclusively designed for equally wet & dry mixing and blending technology provides the ultimate surroundings for productively finest mixing a wide allocation of particle size and mass densities without separation of powder, granular, short fibered, moist solids and liquids together with ashen elements up to and as well as highly gelatinous stacks in the pharmaceutical, chemical, herbal, cosmetic, food, pesticides, detergents, and plastics industries etc. these paddler blender is more faster working as comparing to the other kinds of blenders. The paddles are positioned to move the material in opposing lateral directions as well as fundamentally. The mixer consists of a stiff fictional structure motor, gear box, mixing U-shaped horizontal drum and peddle type stirrer.

Application of the Horizontal Paddle Mixer are utilized for blending dry material, powdery granular, short fibered, moist solids and liquids together with pasty substances up to and including highly glutinous stacks. Powder and semi dry solid mixing, cutting fat into flour, addition of oil and liquid into powder, mixing soap, extending colors, incense stick industries.

Benefits of Paddle Blender

  • Making a finest mixing as compared to others
  • These blender is more faster in working
  • It provides the ultimate surroundings for productivity
  • It works on a mass densities
  • Stiff fictional structured