Large Scale Ribbon Blender

Large Scale Ribbon Blender Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of U-Shaped Ribbon Blender in India and in foreign countries. This blending machine is manufactured using high quality raw materials and a number of quality checks and it is well known for their robust construction and high level efficiency. This mixing machine consists of a U-shaped parallel channel container, spiral mixing blade, circulation mechanism and a specially designed ribbon protesters (agitators).

U-Shaped Ribbon Blender pretended by our well qualified engineers is applicable for mixing dry powder, sticky and thick materials. Usually, it has two spiral blades and the mixture occurs inside the flat parallel compartment. These spiral blades rotate speedily along with the main motor and turn materials around to mix.

Ribbon protesters of these blending machines consist of a pair of inner and outer helical protester. The outer ribbon moves the materials in one direction and the inner ribbon moves the materials in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate and moves materials both radically and across to insure thorough blends in a short period of times.

We also offer corrosion resistant,, durable and high performing Large Scale Ribbon Blenders, Horizontal Blender Machine and Pharmaceutical Ribbon Blender on various parameters on which these machines are designed and tested on international quality standards to ensure their high strength and performance at clients end at affordable prices.

Also our manufactured blending machines have high operational smoothness, evenly mixing and blending, excellent production capacity, less influenced by particle size and density. The contact parts of our blending machines have a mirror finish and all the non-contact parts are polished in matt finished in cGMP/cGEP Models. In this model, all the safety guards and covers are made of Stainless steel.