W-Shaped Ribbon Blender

W Shaped Ribbon Blender Manufacturer

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading designers, manufactures and suppliers of various Blending or Mixing machine like W - Shaped Ribbon Blender, U-Shaped Ribbon Blender and Food Powder Mixing Machine etc. Due to its W - shape blender is designed to process large volume of material. It occupies less space and also less power consumption compared to other blenders.

Highly experienced technicians of our company designed these blenders to provide high mixing efficiency, blending small proportions into large stocks. The proportions and pattern of the ribbons are carefully balanced to provide a movement of material within the container that avoids dead spots and gives rapid product discharge.

Our products are known for their efficiency and the high level of performance. We designed these blenders that are usually used for mixing dry powder, which is generally free flowing solid substance. These are fabricated in well equipped infrastructure is definitely worth buying and a very profitable industry investment.

These blending machines are very useful for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and feeding industries wherein perfect blending of dry granules of powder is to be completed. It is a high speed blender and has removable type baffles mounted on a rectangular shell. The important features of these machines are easy to wash in place.

W - Shaped Ribbon Blender is supplied to our respected customers with a bin charging structure or can be designed for vacuum charging. It is also incorporated dust free charging system, which is a completely closed system for charging and discharging of powders or granules.