Single and Double Shaft - Paddle Mixer

Single & Double Shaft Paddle Mixer Manufacturer

Single Shaft Paddler Mixer is one of the unique featured mixers among the various forms of Mixers in India. This Single Shaft Mixer is specifically designed for the mixing procedures of bulk resources like dry powders, granules and also liquids can be added throughout the mixing procedure. Our Single Paddle Mixers are well equipped with blowy regulated bomb doors under the full length of the mixing trough. This helps to save the release time around 17-25 seconds. This mixing plant can be activated with the fully automatic system. This machine gives the great amount of output and it is far wide from our expected level. This mixer is idyllic in usage and very cost-effective for the consumers in every way. The matchless single paddle design divides the accommodation into zones every one served by at least two paddles. All stirring particles construct active relations between the zones.

Double Shaft Paddler Mixer is kind a versatile form of mixers compared to the various types of industrial usage mixers in India. The Double Shaft Paddle Mixers recognize the high mixing capacity with comparative small mixer substance. The mixing precision of this mixer meets the severe necessities, whereas break to products is barred because of its wider bomb doors comparatively bigger than the single shaft paddle mixer. This counts the filtrate and dirt free devise, due to inimitable sealing opinion. The Double Shaft Paddle Mixer has a mixing time, depending on the product type and quantity, from 25 to 65 seconds and these mixers are available with capacities from 600 to 25,000 liters. The achievement of this speedy mixing opinion is a consequence of the fluidized zone, in which the particles have an absolute independence of faction. As a result they are bright to mix themselves equivalently in a condition of lightness.

Benefits of single and double shaft paddle mixer

  • Admirable in performance
  • Long practical life
  • Full-bodied product
  • Activated by the fully automatic system
  • Dirt free device
  • Brilliant in equivalent mixing procedures
  • Available with large capacity
  • Speedy in working process
  • Giving the wide amount of output